June 29, 2012

The sun was finally shining at the end of the day, that’s the reason the photos have a golden glow. Because of the good weather I finally can show my legs! My mom found this shorts for me, it’s an original army short from my uncle. After him she wore it a lot and now...


June 27, 2012

We are in the middle of the week already! How is your week so far? Tomorrow I’ve my internship exam, I’m curious! I want to thank you by the way. In my last outfit post I ask you bloggers your opinion about my blog name but everyone said that I didn’t have to change it....


June 25, 2012

Ooh my dears I’m time constraints, I’ve have so many things to do this week! I’ve two weeks to go at my internship but my exam is Thursday and I’ve to finish my books before that. Tomorrow after internship I’ve to work at Douglas at night and I have to learn for my retake. I don’t...


June 23, 2012

Number two from my wishlist was a nice black leather jacket. It has to be comfortable and of course good looking. I always love biker jacks so I was looking for something like that. And finally it’s mine; a leather biker jacket where I was searching for such a long time for. The one I...


June 21, 2012

No outfit post for today, I thought is was time for a nice DIY! I always LOVE to make things by myself, I get my inspiration from everywhere. Nice designer items, magazines, photos and ofcourse from you bloggers! Today I want to DIY this simply silver cuff into an eye catcher! With some old beats and super glue I...


June 19, 2012

Hi lovelies, how did your week starts? Thank you for you kind comments on my previous post, I enjoyed reading them, as I always do! I finally can show my legs today, the weather was better so after work I immediately go outside! But I’m afraid it won’t last long.. Some of you told me about too...


June 17, 2012

Dear summer, where are youuu?! We are waiting for you! I want to wear all my summer clothes but with 18 degrees, rain and no sun isn’t that gonna happen. I choose my favorite summer items from my closet for you. Heels, shorts, color full dresses and my favorite nail polish. Hope the summer starts soon so...


June 15, 2012

    Enjoy your weekend lovelies! Supertrash silver snake pants Mulberry bag Roberto d’Angelo silver wedges Zara blazer and shirt Michael Kors watch Random jewelry


June 13, 2012

I love vintage, but which fashionista doesn’t? Somewhere, in my moms closet, was hiding this cute blouse from Zapa. The shoulders are oversize and that gives it the lovely vintage touch I think. But vintage isn’t everything, new clothes are the best! Tomorrow is a free day for me so I go to Utrecht for some shopping, I really need...


June 10, 2012

The weekend is almost over, that means back to work! Tomorrow I’ve a come back day from school. Finally I can see my classmates again :). I also have a retake from an exam that I didn’t pass but I’ve a good feeling about it so no worries. We also get our marks list from...