September 30, 2012

Did you already try the new Dior Addict fragrances? They’re called Eau Sensuelle and Eau Fraîche, both are beautiful. Dior is Addiced to life, the Eau Sensuelle stands for energy and elegance. With the floral explosion you’re directly addicted. When you use it your a astonishing energy: you’re a youthful femininity that blossoms in a life of boldness...


September 28, 2012

As I promised a DIY tutorial about my new self made bracelets. As you can see it’s really easy and you have your own unique bracelet in a little while. I choose for bright colors but you can also choose an other color, just what you like. Enjoy your weekend darlings! XO


September 26, 2012

The last time I’m really in a creative mood. I’ve a lot of new ideas to make things. I get my inspiration from everywhere: blogs, (fashion) magazines, shopping windows and the people around me. Actually everything I see inspired me. Today I’m wearing two different things that I made last week, this sweater was one of my...


September 24, 2012

I‘m so so sorry for didn’t blogging for a week! I feel really guilty to you guys but I was sick last week so I wasn’t in the mood for a new post. But I’m feeling better now so here is a new look! I’ve a lot of things I want to share with you...


September 18, 2012

Wearing a cap is one of the most easy things to hide a bad hair day. When I saw this cap from H&M trend collection I was about to die and I must have it! I bought it together with this shirt at the FNO last Thursday. Both are so comfortable and in combination with...


September 16, 2012

You may all know that I’m a really lover of vintage and classic. For this post I want to show how beautiful and classic vintage can be. I feel like a old movie star in this shoot haha! I wore this outfit at work yesterday. We had Chanel days at Douglas and I thought ‘hmm...


September 14, 2012

Yesterday was Vogue’s Fashion Night Out where I went with my sweet classmate Fleur. After school we did some beauty time; we did our make-up, hair and dressed up for the evening. When we arrived in Amsterdam we had a look at the Bijenkorf first. After that we went to the PC Hoofdstraat and go...


September 12, 2012

This dress was a Christmas present from my dad last year. I feel ashamed that I didn’t show you it before so time to wear it! It’s a very chic and feminine dress and I LOVE the color because it’s totally different. I chose for very simple accessories like black pumps and a black bag. About my last...


September 11, 2012

This is an outfit from a while ago. I wore it at the opening from my cousins shop. Here you can find the post. There weren’t many photos from my outfit in that post so here it is! Today I was very busy with packing my clothes and more for the vacation. It’s a really...


September 10, 2012

  Bloggers I need your help. You may all heard about the Vogue’s Fashion Night Out. Next Thursday I go to the FNO in Amsterdam and I really can’t wait to go! It’s so exciting. But the problem is that I don’t know what I’ve to wear.. I combined 3 totally different outfit in this...