LIENDEN | March 16, 2015


Hi my loves and happy Monday! For today I have a very special beauty post for you which I am so excited to share ever since we shot the images. Or even better, ever since I bought these beautiful Gucci make-up items in Paris during fashion week. I have been craving to get some make-up from their collection since they launched it last September. You know how much I love make-up and designers, so you can probably understand that some Gucci make-up was like heaven for me.

So while in Paris last October we really didn’t had the opportunity to visit a Gucci store because dad and Rob were joining us and well, they just don’t like shopping with us so much. The result: sad me and still there were Gucci beauty items on my wishlist.. When I heard we were going to Paris fashion week, one of the first things that came up in me where: ‘Oh we need to go to Gucci now!!’. Pretty insane huh? The problem is, you don’t have the beauty line (except for the fragrances) in every country, like Holland. So I just had to take my change to get my hands on some items.

Happily my mom shared this thought so when it was finally shopping time we started looking for the Gucci store. When we arrived at the Rue du Faubourg St. Honoré we ran upstairs to see their make-up collection. Love at first sight, really. I just totally fell in love with the print on each item. Also the chic signature black-gold combination made me melt away. The hardest thing was definitely to choose because I had to stay realistic, I couldn’t take everything with me. I don’t use eyeshadow a lot so I wasn’t going to buy any of them, same for the powders even through I was dying to get one of them. Maybe next time..

For now I bought a beautiful soft pink lipstick and spring ready nail polish, just because you can’t have enough from both. I love the soft texture of the lipstick and how it gives this charming glow. For the shoot I wore also a Gucci inspired look with a floral trousers from Zara and this way too cute crop top from LookBook Store. I have been quite obsessed lately with this webshop, so you should really have to take a look! I am sure you will like it too :). Wish you a great week and I hope you loved these photos as much as I do! xxx


























Lips: Gucci Luxurious Exposure No. 300

Nails: Gucci No. 040

I was wearing:

Top: LookBook Store

Trousers: Zara (more floral or here)

Pumps: Gucci



  1. The lipstick and nail polish shade is stunning! And I especially love your outfit here, so gorgeous and you look like you stepped out of an editorial. xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity
  2. The lipstick and nail polish are the prefect shades for you for summer!
  3. Love the lipstick color, great review and awesome photos!
  4. You look absolutely stunning in this outfit! Love your pants, they are so unique and perfect for Spring.

  5. wowwwwww. just amazingggggg! ;)

    Check it out my new post:
  6. You look absolutely stunning and classy! Love your blog!
    Nilu Yuleena
    BIG hair LOUD mouth
  7. Wat zie je er weer prachtig uit! Je bent net een poppetje! X
  8. You look stunning! These should be Gucci ads!!

  9. Amazing picures! This lipsick looks just gorgeous on you!

  10. Want to try the Gucci make up too!
    You are so pretty

  11. Love these Gucci make up products and ypur top is so great!

  12. love these pics, perfect makeup :)
  13. Wow, amazing post, love this pictures. You're a natural beauty. ;-)
    Have a nice week...
  14. Barbirella
    March 17, 2015 | Reply
    Stylish and beautiful love the entire look. Kisses! xo
  15. I love the soft pink lipstick, so lovely. Glad you got your Gucci goodies. Those pants are amazing and look great on you. Lovely picutures.
  16. Beautiful makeup!
    || D I A N A ||
  17. Like the top & trousers is very pretty
    your hair is awesome
    what a lovely face
    looks beautiful more than angels

  18. i love your make up!!!!!
  19. Amazing pictures, you're beautiful :)
  20. Inderdaad echt prachtige dingen die je hebt gekocht, wauw!
    De foto's zijn zo mooi, je staat er prachtig op. Ben fan van je broek, echt heel leuk en staat je erg goed!

    XO Imke
  21. wauw love it, you look great! as usual!
  22. Stunning Photos. You are so beautiful in every photo. love the lipstick color
  23. you look absolutely gorgeous! Love your hair and your pants, as I said, very beautiful!

    thanks for your comment on my blog. Thanks to that I could find your blog :)
  24. Prudence Yeo
    March 17, 2015 | Reply
    Love the colors of both the lipstick and nail polish, beautiful shades! Very pretty outfit too, the floral pants is such a statement piece and the lace detail of the top is gorgeous!

  25. Beautiful photos! You actually look like this is a Gucci Spring Ad :) So awesome that you got to check out the Paris fashion week and shop at Gucci! Love the lipstick! and your outfit is really cute too!!
  26. More than the makeup I o love your outfit! The pants are fabulous and the blouse is so delicate! You look fabulous! Also love the lip color!
  27. Gorgeous, lady! Love that lipstick on you!

    Le Stylo Rouge
  28. I love that natural and light look - you look absolutely stunning, dear! :*

    Ina, xx
  29. I simply love that lipstick and that nail polish. You look amazing in the photos as well.

    Kay of Pure & Complex
  30. such stunning colors!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra
  31. Beautiful new colors! I love your bracelets, too. So delicate and pretty.
    Gina - On the Daily Express
  32. LOvely photos, your pants are very beautiful!
  33. You are gorgeous and I adore your outfit. Straight out of a magazine!
  34. Beautiful pictures! That lipstick color is perfect!!