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Are you ready for a weekend with bare legs? Probably not since the weather has been well.. not so good lately. Time to give those legs a little extra help with a self tan, so you can rock that skirt this weekend! Let me introduce you to Minetan, a self tanner which is super easy to apply, even for a clumsy person like me, and works within one hour. Curious how to use it? Watch the video for all the details step by step.. Want to shop your own Minetan? Go to Florale Haircare Shop 24 to see all the products they have. Make also sure to check out there Facebook page since they are giving away a foam every week and even get a chance to win a Bronze Babe Spray Machine for home use.. Good start of the weekend huh? Hope you like it! XO

I was wearing:

Shirt: Loavies

Skirt: Loavies

Heels: Aquazzura

Bag: Old, similar here

Earrings: Zara


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