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This weekend it’s Mother’s Day. The day we celebrate all the special woman in the world. The day we honour our moms, grandmas and anybody else who take care of us and give us the unconditional love we all desire so much. Every year, we try to do it in our own and unique way. Taking our mom out for a high tea, bring her to a concert or maybe even book a little trip. But the bigger is not always the better. A bouquet of flowers or a dozen of chocolate with a little card can say more than a thousand words. But in case you still want to spoil your mom with some real presents, here are my shopping tips..

Every woman loves a good perfume and for me the ultimate perfume for moms is the Narciso Rodriguez Poudrée (just because it reminds me of my own mom). Another option is the Jo Malone Star Magnolia, which smells like the name is already saying.. The perfect spring fragrance. What else does a woman need? A beautiful printed scarf, a keychain to organize that messy head or a good cookbook.. Enough options to think of. Wish you all already a great Mother’s Day! XO


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