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After almost a year of not going to the hairdresser it’s really time for a new look. This Monday I have been to Cosmo Hairstyling for a Birthday make-over and for the opportunity I thought it was a great idea to take you with me and film from the styling tips until the new look I’ve got. As I have already told you in my previous post, I will have a big birthday party tomorrow and therefor I wanted my hair to look fabulous.

Besides a necessary cut – because as you can see there wasn’t any model left in my long long Tangled hair – I also wanted to color my hair for the first time. Even though I was scared like hell, I gave them my trust and I have to say, they made me the perfect color I was looking for. We did a blonde balayage, which is a more natural way of creating highlights in your hair. As you see, not much has changed except for that perfect summer glow in my hair, which I will still have this fall. Hope you will enjoy this video and don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more!


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