March 11, 2012

Finally it feels like the spring is to begin. The sun is shining and the fresh flowers are visible. So exited! This weekend was a bit a unlucky for me, hope next week will be better. Now I go outside, walking with the dog, enjoy the sun and after that make some homework, unfortunately that must be done...


March 9, 2012

Hi my loves, how was your week? Time flies isn’t it? It’s already weekend! What are your plans? Tomorrow I’ve to work from nine to five and further I have no idea haha. I think relax and make some homework. Sounds really boring actually.. hmm, I’ve to do something, any ideas? About my look. Last...


March 7, 2012

My last received Dior eye shadow, what do you think? I like the colors very much and the box is so beautiful! The nice thing is that you can wear it in many different ways, smokey eyes or natural, you can make a lot of beautiful creations. I really sound like a painter or something now haha. To see...


March 6, 2012

Zara pants Ibana Rouge jacket Zara blouse Sendra boots Sence stone brancelet H&M bangle


March 2, 2012

Finally weekend! Enjoy it my loves! Zara shirt Zara pants Ibana Rouge jacket Repeat Cashmere scarf Sendra boots Vintage belt & bag Michael Kors Watch H&M ring Random bracelets


March 1, 2012

The weather outside is so sad that I have to cheer myself up today. After school I went to the shops in Utrecht where I bought some great items! I can’t wait to the summer so I’ve to buy some new summer clothes, need some pastel colors! So I went to many stores but I...


OBERGURGL | February 24, 2012

Tomorrow is my last day in Obergurgl, last day skiing and snow. I had a great time here but I like to go home now, sleeping in my own bed again, hmm can’t wait! Today my mom and I went shopping after a day skiing and I fount some really nice things. There is a big outlet...


OBERGURGL | February 21, 2012

Edition two of Obergurgl! What a lovely days I have here. The weather is beautiful as you can see and we have so much fun together! The children are so sweet, sometimes I just have pain from laughing with them. Yesterday we ski the hole day and after the dinner we did night skiing what...


OBERGURGL | February 20, 2012

Hi loves! Well, this is my first post from Austria and I can tell you that I really enjoy it! The weather isn’t really great yet but probably is it better tomorrow. After all, the snow is wonderful and the skiing is great! Now we go another round skiing and after that apres ski! More...


February 17, 2012

Hi my loves! First of all, thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my latest post! I’ve had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Hope you had the same. As finally the vacation hits in, I’m going to Austria today; Skiing with lots of snow, drinking hot chocolate and eating some delicious food, hmm...