AMSTERDAM | March 5, 2017

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Time to talk about one of my favorite subjects, from friend to friend, which is dating. I LOVE dating. The excitement it gives, the tickles you get in your stomach and the fact that you get to know new people, which will maybe even be your future boy- or girlfriend. When it comes to dating, I think I have quite the experience on how to approach to someone and on what to do on a first date. You can find more about this in this video on my YouTube channel, where I will be giving you 5 tips for dating, including 5 of my favorite to-go spots in Amsterdam.

But back to business, dating. The last few years there has changed a lot. The first online dating marriages are happening and the first ‘like-and-match’ babies are born. I haven’t been an online dater before, but once I got to try out InnerCircle my interests kinda changed. I love playing around there and meet new people in a virtual way! The InnerCircle is a dating platform, exclusively for young professionals, entrepreneurs and passionate people. Being a business owner myself, this is exactly what I am looking for; people with the same interests.

Compared to any other app I know, The InnerCircle allows me to find hard working people just like me. It also allows you to get to know everything about a person before we start a conversation. You can check their bio, social media and message them directly without having a match (so no sneaky hassle). Besides that, you filter on who you want to see. Select age-range, height, education and even smoking and children – perfect if you don’t want an alone-standing-smoking-parent ;-). InnerCircle also allows me to meet new people at special events in a city. If I go to Paris for example, I can see what kind of people are going specific places and parties. So even if you are not going for a date, you can at least have a fun time!

Curious to try it out? You can apply here on the InnerCircle website. After your application you have to wait a few hours and you are all set to start finding your true match!

floortjeloves, the innercircle, app, dating, 5 dating tips, youtube, video

floortjeloves, the innercircle, app, dating, 5 dating tips, youtube, video

floortjeloves, the innercircle, app, dating, 5 dating tips, youtube, video

Go to The InnerCricle and register!



  1. How interesting that there is a dating app for young professionals and people passionate about their business. It is a great idea to connect similar thinking people. This dating app sounds great and if I weren't married, I would be seriously tempted to visit it.
  2. This app sounds cool, good luck!

    The Style Collector
  3. This app sounds so much fan and easy to use!!

  4. I think that's actually a really interesting idea for a dating app! It's really different and it totally makes sense to me! I had no idea it existed at all, and I'm not that much into dating apps originally but this might actually change my mind!
    Lucie, xx
  5. Oooh that sounds so interesting!!!

    LIVING IN PLAID - Personal Style Blog from Brussels
  6. Wow! It actually sounds interesting. I might try it out ;)

  7. This sounds like an amazing app to try out, thanks for the tips!

    My Vogue Style |
  8. Interesting,,,,will check it out.
  9. en heb jij inmiddels al een leuke match gevonden op the innercircle?
  10. I'm not single but this sounds like fun for those that are! x

    ♥ Carly Susanne ~ A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
  11. I loved this post so much! I never knew about this and your photos look lovely :)
  12. such a cute post, love your tips im not a big fan of online dating but i heard tinder is cool, u know something about that?