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These coming two weeks I will be talking about Valentine’s day a lot. I know, many people ‘hate’ the day of love and think it is just a commercial bullsh*t story. Well, guess they’re right at some point. But in my opinion there is nothing wrong with a day where everybody can celebrate love. Tell your secret admirer you like him/her, or go on a date night with your boy-/girlfriend. Besides that, it is an extra good reason to get yourself a box of chocolate in case you are single and buy in any case a new lingerie set to make yourself happy. Or for the occasion, you know.. Anyway, it’s time to get inspired with the 4 different looks I created for your Valentine’s date! Which one will you be wearing?

The first two looks are for the girly girls among us. The left one is probably my favourite, as I think nothing can beat a romantic white dress. I love to combine it with nudes, such as with the Valentino bag, but spice it up with some black brogues and a black leather belt. Go for dark red lace lingerie underneath and I promise you, the color will not shine through.

On the right side you will find a look which is perfect for the ultimate girly girl that loves all romantic colors. Going for a baby blue dress with some nude knee boots and a soft pink Chloé bag. Even your pastel lipstick will match your outfit. Go for soft pink lace underwear to finish your look and you will be Miss feminine herself.

If the other two looks were too romantic for you, you might be more in these babe looks. The outfit on the left is not only hella sexy and fashionable, but also super practical as you can transform your classic working suit into a date night look within a second. Swap your blouse or sweater for a black lace bra and give those flats an upgrade with a pair of red sandal heels. For the fashion babes under us; rock a pair of statement socks in your sandals and go for some big fruity earrings for an on-trend outfit.

At last, the all printed outfit. You need some balls for this look, but if you do it the right way everybody will look at you. Believe me when I say that most men like casual outfits, but loves a woman that does her own thing as well. So if you like prints, why not combine a striped long sleeve with a metallic printed Gucci skirt? Go for some on-trend net tights, red flats and or course red lingerie. And don’t forget that printed pineapple bag to carry around your lipstick!


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Floortje van Cooten

Floortje is the founder and director of the magazine and decides what happens and what will be posted. Besides that, she still loves to write articles herself and shares her passion like she did from the beginning of Floortjeloves.


  1. I am such a girly girl so I have to say the first two looks are my favourites. That pale pink Chloe bag is just gorgeous and I love those over the knee boots :) x

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