Welcome to Floortjeloves! An online destination for everybody loving fashion, beauty and lifestyle. On this page you can find out who we are, what our story is and where we started..

Let’s begin with the beginning. As a 16-year-old girl, living in an area surrounded with cows and farmers, Floortje – the founder of the magazine – needed a place to put her inspiration into reality. With a computer full of beautiful streetstyle photos, editorials shots and collages, Floortje created a place where she could share all of this. This is where Floortjeloves all started. With just the simple idea to put her inspiration on a board and share her style with everybody who was interested.

The first post made back in 2011 was far from what it is now. A post once, maybe twice, a week but still full of passion and love to share just ‘her thing’. Then it started rolling. Floortje got her first readers and comments, so people were actually enjoying what she made. From nobody to tell her ideas to, to people all over the world that liked what she shared on the Internet. Time to consider some changes.

Around 2012, Floortjeloves got het first 100 followers. From that moment the question came. ‘Why shouldn’t I post more often and share something else that just moodboards and photos from others?’ That’s where the idea started to share her own style; mostly through outfit photos and make-up editorials. From doing it all by herself, having the camera on a tripod the first year, to having her brother helping her with the camera later on. Followers and page-views became to grow and people from all over the world were seeing what Floortje created. With this, of course the ambition to make a real job out of it started to grow as well.

From outfits and beauty posts she started sharing more lifestyle and travels. ‘I want to share all the beauty I see around me’, is what she once said and is up till today still the philosophy we work with. In 2014 Floortjeloves went through some big changes. She bought her domain name and got herself a real website. From this moment it really became a business. Her visitors grew as well as her Social media. At some point, she started to work with brands. Smaller ones in the beginning, but bigger projects over the time. Like every other influencer, she just started with gifts she got from brands. There is no instruction manual on how to blog and influence, so out of experience she learned what to do and what worked.

In the end of 2015 she started posting her first video on her YouTube channel and from the beginning of 2016 she started posting a video every Friday. These were vlogs about travels, videos about fashion or other subjects she was interested in. After her first 1K hit later that year, Floortje decided to start vlogging weekly. So from one video a week, she started sharing a vlog on Tuesday and her normal videos on Friday. Changes that helped her grow along the way.

From blogger to social influencer to vlogger; Floortje does it all. In mid 2017 it was time for the next step, because there is so much more to share and create. In September 2017 it was time for the launch of her renewed website. Still called Floortjeloves, but in a new jacket. Magazine style with more articles a day and different contributors. As always, talking about all the beauty around us, but with much more value. Next to that, we launched a shop to sell unique items that Floortje selected with care to give our readers the opportunity to get the style.

‘Every day I am grateful for the decision I made to start my own blog. It wasn’t growing as fast as I wish it did, and yet we are still not where I want to be, but I believe that hard work always pays off. Everyday we do our best to make the best content for our partners to share with our readers all over the world. That’s what makes us a stronger platform than others, because we do it with all our heart’.

Thanks for following along and we hope you enjoy reading our online magazine daily!

Love of love,

Team Floortjeloves