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One of the sneakers that will stay for ever and go with any outfit and style, is the Nike Air Max 90. They introduced the model in 1987 and it is on the streets ever since. Their are know by its airbag in the sole and its edgy look. Big chance you had this model yourself as well, as they come in so many variations and styles. To honor the Air Max 90, we selected our favorite styles from the website Sportshowroom.

This new website is a platform to find anything around your favorite sneakers, training suits and sport brands. It is the easiest way to get an overview of the best websites to shop and see the full collection of a specific brand or model. Super easy if you have seen a model or color somewhere and don’t know where to shop it. Or if you are looking for a special item, like the Nike Air Max 90, Sportshowroom really is the easiest way to get there!

You can combine the Air Max 90 of course in a more sporty way – with a pair of joggers and a blouse which is a style you see a lot lately. But what about combining it chic? Get a chunky pair and wear it with a suit, a big trend as well! The opportunities are endless and it is really a sneaker for everyone!


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