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My new investment: Beats by Dr. Dre! My old headphone doesn’t work any more so I had to replace it. I always love the Beats by Dr. Dre, the red one was my favorite, so that’s the reason why I chose it. I can’t live without good music, especially because I travel by train every day. I bought also a pair of new Timberlands because my old ones were too small, I’ll show them tomorrow! I’m so glad that I bought them because it’s so cold outside!! It feels like it’s -18 degrees!
Have a nice evening sweethearts!

Suede pants: Aaiko
Blouse: Edc Basic
Jack: Moscow
Gloves: Iceberg
Cap: H&M
Scarf: Repeat Cashmere
Shoes: Vintage

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  1. The headphones are killer! The Lady Gaga ones were pretty cool too! Love your blog doll! Im your new follower! Hope you can visit my site soon!

    Best wishes from Toronto!


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