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Lately I have been so much about big statement earrings. The bigger, the brighter, the more kitch, the better. My collection is growing quite fast and I have to hold myself to not buy every pair of shiny earrings I see. I have yo admit that, while making this wishlist, I was tempted to get some new ones. The latest pair I’ve got are these gold with a big pearl earrings from Mango, which are unfortunately sold out already. That is why I did my best to find something similar for you to shop. Check the image below with 16 of my favorites and shop them on hover!

While some might be afraid to wear big jewelry pieces, I think it is one of the coolest trends ever. It can make – and barely break – an outfit. Wearing a little black dress? Add a big gold earring and you are ready for your party. Want to cheer up a winter knit or summer outfit? Here they are again! Something else I really like about this trend, is to wear it asymmetrical. Combine a pair or just wear one, or get a mis-match in the store like these which are also from Mango. Let’s say there is enough to play with!

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