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I am so happy to take you guys with me to my two favorite places in the United States so far. After spending 1,5 day in Chicago we had our plane to Los Angeles, where we stayed 2,5 days. We first stayed at the Balboa beach area (Laguna Beach from Baywatch etc.). I really loved this place. It had probably the most adorable little beach houses I have ever seen and their restaurants were really the best places for sea food and fish. I even had my first famous Balboa Frozen Banana which was really one of the most delicious sweets I have ever tried. And hey, it’s a banana so probably not so bad.. I guess.. Anyway, there are enough places to enjoy some time in this area. The beach is simply breathtaking, especially at sunset. It is also just a small two hours drive from Los Angeles, so combining these two places is really perfect if you want have some different tastes in California.

So the next day after our arrival we drove to Los Angeles city, went to Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills, of course, and saw the Hollywood sign. This city is just like the movies. The way too perfect and clean neighborhoods, the sunny weather, the chilly beach wind, the palmtrees.. All just perfect. The next day we’ve got to see the Warner Bros. Studios which was also very interesting. Even tough I really had no idea about all the series they filmed there, it was cool to see. The next morning we had to leave to the airport again as Arizona was waiting for us.

We flew into Phoenix but we actually stayed in Scottsdale. This was a cute not-so-little town half a hour drive from the airport. The town got this amazing western vibe. You can buy Mexican food and Native American souvenirs everywhere, which I both loved so much! Oh gosh, this Mexican food.. Anyway, during our stay we drove to Sedona which offers the most beautiful nature you can ever imagine. The photos are not even coming close to what it looked like in real life. My mouth just fell open and my eyes got heart shaped, this mother nature is so damn beautiful. I wish we had more time to stay there to also go visit the Grand Canyon, rent a horse and drive all day. That is a dream that is on my bucket list right now. Can’t wait to go back there and make that dream come true!

And as you know, after my visit in the breathtaking Arizona I flew into Dallas on Wednesday, getting ready for the last days of work and fun! More of this will follow this weekend. I really hope you enjoyed these photos and my tips, and that it might give you some inspiration for your own trip. I also have to do a little apologies for the give-away. I was so sure I had the other one planned for Friday, as it was actually planned for today. I still got some jetlag problems I think haha. Anyway, you’ve one day more to make a chance on winning the Daisy Dream give-away! Good luck and see ya tomorrow! Love, Xxx




















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