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Looking for a beauty website or page that has it all? Well, stop searching! We, at Floortjeloves, are searching for the best beauty tips and tricks every day and share them with you in weekly posts. From the right skincare routines with the known and unknown beauty brands, to the best make-up hacks, both affordable and high end. But we also search for trends you really shouldn’t miss. Like we said, it is really all you need!

On this page you can get inspired by videos with personal skincare stories, but also with make-up tutorials that go from natural to party ready. And who doesn’t love some good visuals? Because what you really shouldn’t be missing on this page, are the many editorial shoots or inspirational beauty posts. Scroll down and get lost in the world of beauty!

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When you receive such a big surprise box from Pixi Beauty, you know it must be good. Last week we received this gigantic package with their…

floortjeloves, cologne, keulen, 4711, 4711 cologne, eau de cologne, 4711 remix cologne, remix cologne

As you may have seen in yesterday’s vlog, we have traveled Cologne for 10 hours to visit the house of 4711. A real experience when it…

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What can you do if you are getting older and you want to look younger without using any botox or fillers? I have this amazing device called…

floortjeloves, shiseido, shiseido waso, waso, skincare

Looking for a skincare line that is all about hydrating your most precious skin? Than the Shiseido Waso line is the skincare routine you should be looking…

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