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Happy Make-Up Monday sweeties! It has been two weeks since my last beauty post and I feel so sorry to let you wait for it! Last week was all about packing my stuff for Istanbul so I didn’t got the time to make an article. Today I nearly have time either because I am running like a crazy in Cyprus. Maybe you have already read and seen it on my Instagram account (and if you didn’t I will tell you now). This Sunday morning I had my flight to Cyprus to attend two different hair-style shows from L’Oréal Professional which just finished today and tomorrow will be a new one. Yesterday was all about rehearsing and and rehearsing and we just showed our work! I am still so excited that I almost can’t believe it. Being in Istanbul for nearly one week and I am already doing my third job! That feels just so cool and okay, I’m a little proud of myself too :).

So there is lots of work to do here and I can’t wait to tell you more about this experience and maybe show you some photos they took from the show. But for now it’s time for Make-Up Monday and I would like to share this new treasure from Dior with you. You have probably heard about their new Fluid Dior Addict Lipstick. For me Fluid lipsticks are one of the best. They last so long on your lips! When you have eaten all the shine (I actually always do that..) there is still this beautiful glow on your lips from the color of the lipstick you have chosen.

I also fell in love with the design of the new lipstick. I have to stay honest with you, eyes also want some beauty. What this one makes so special that, in the first thought, it looks like a transparent case with just a normal lipstick but that when you open it there is something totally different waiting for you. There is this pure magic of Fluid lipstick. You can have this treasure in 17 different colors so there will be definitely a color for you in the collection. I have chosen for the color MAGIQUE because I really loved this hard pink color, especially when the summer and nice weather is coming! But it won’t stay like this, I am planning to get some more colors because I just love them sooo much. Like a soft pink or maybe a peach one..?

Wish you all a happy week guys and see you soon! X






Dior Addict Fluid Lipstick No. 479


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