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My hair is my trademark, so for me it’s really important to take good care of it. I try to avoid heating products, such as blowdryers (I don’t even have one) and straighteners, as much as possible. I don’t color my hair and always use serval products to take extra care of it. Think about special shampoos, masks and oils. For a while now I have been loving the Colour Love products from The Insiders which I want to share with you today.

I have been using the Stay With Me Colour Saver Shampoo and the Beautiful Blonde Colour Mask for a while now and they really became one of my favorite haircare products. What it basically does, is giving new life to your natural hair color. It brings back it pigment and takes care of all the damages throughout the day. I don’t use these products every time I shower, but just when I feel like my hair looks dull and needs a refreshment. At last, did you know that they have the shampoo and mask to match every hair color? So no matter if you’re blonde, brown or copper, there is always something to fit your natural hair color with!

Floortjeloves, hair, haircare, colour love, y.a.s., shampoo, mask, salon b Floortjeloves, hair, haircare, colour love, y.a.s., shampoo, mask, salon b

I use:

Colour Saver Shampoo

Colour Mask – Blonde

I wore:

Y.A.S Top


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