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No, singles day is not a day for singles. It’s the day you think about you, and only you. On the 11th of 11, it started ones in China. A day to celebrate you. For them, it was instead of Valentines day, but as it goes in the world we took over the celebration day and now it starting to grow here as well. And in what kind of way I hear you thinking? Well, all kind of shops, from beauty to fashion and electronics, are having massive discounts. Special for you, we selected a few of these shop where you can shop today up till 75% discount!

So, happy singles day to you and happy shopping!


Bol.com, Media MarktBCCHEMAWehkampCoolblueBlokker 


DouglasIci Paris XL


De Bijenkorf, AsosHunkemöllerPandoraNikeLight in The Box

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