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So guys, before we kick off a new season filled with wishlists to get you ready for Christmas, I will share my personal one first. As always, my wishlist is endless and growing everyday. Lately, I try to make it more fun tho. Besides scrolling to my favorite webshops to get inspired and spot trends, I am obsessed with Vestiaire Collective for example. It is a perfect platform to search for second hand gems.

The best thing? It is sustainable too as you give pre-owned items a new chance. Next to that, you have something unique and may much less. So the highest on my wishlist? This Ralph Lauren shearling cape. A true winter must have!

I love to get inspired by cool shopping lists and the coming period we hope you will love it as well. What you can expect next? Many, many gift guides to inspire you with the best presents for yourself or your loved one. From the beauty lovers to the impossible dads; we will make sure you can surprise anybody you love! Also, don’t forget to check our party boutique where we upload new party-proof items daily. Another way to get you ready for the last festive months of the year!

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