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Hi guys! Right in the middle of work and preparing my trip for tomorrow, I just have a little time left to share another outfit from Dallas with you. As I have no idea about how our days in Stockholm will look like and if I will have enough time to post, I needed to share this look with you today. So no Wishlist Wednesday, but a fresh summer look to kick off these hot days! Because yes, summer is finally arriving here in Holland as well and we’re so excited for it. I was already an early summer bird with my shorts back in the US. These hot days there were exactly what I needed after the grey and cold days we had here. But the weather is changing non stop (from hot and sunny to cloudy and rainy days) so I can’t wait for the moment that everything is getting more frequently, same as my life right now.

Like I said, my days are kind of hectic at the moment. I promised myself to pack my suitcases yesterday, but they are still not packed yet.. Pretty bad situation.. When I just don’t know what to wear I can stare at my closet for hours, and this all thanks to the changing weather. So you guys are my little relax moment right now before I really need to think about what I have to take with me for 4 days and 3 nights in Stockholm. I forgot to ask it in last post but if you guys have any must see/eat/shop tips for us, than please share them and comment down below! I would love to know your recommendations and I am sure some of you might have some good ones :-).

About today’s outfit which I wore on the last day of the conference. We had to study our blog this day and got lessons in SEO and stuff. Very interesting and I really learned a lot during these days, although it was hard to pay attention all of the time as there were so many nice outfits from other girls to stare at haha. I hope I had the same effect on others wearing this beautiful OKI PROJECTS bag again. This was my savior of the day. All my little notebooks, pens, iPhone charger, camera, water, lipsticks and sunnies perfectly fit in it. Yeah I know, what’s a lot of stuff but all necessary during a day like I had. After we finished our lessons and delicious lunch hosted by Matchesfashion, it was time to take these Aquazzura beauties out for a walk on the Texas streets of Dallas. Our eyes immediately fell on this golden building next to our hotel. I love how it is in contrast with the boyfriend striped shirt. An item you all should have hanging in your closet this season.

Hope you liked this Dallas look and see you again in Stockholm! Make sure you add me on SnapChat @floortjeloves and follow the social media to stay up to date. Kisses and hugs!


















I was wearing:

Bag + Bracelet: OKI PROJECTS

Shirt: Theory

Shorts: Asos

Heels: Aquazzrua

Sunglasses: Topshop


Lips: Gucci Exposure No. 300

Nails: Dior No. 155



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Floortje is the founder and director of the magazine and decides what happens and what will be posted. Besides that, she still loves to write articles herself and shares her passion like she did from the beginning of Floortjeloves.


  1. Great outfit, I’m obsessed with the shoes! In my city the weather has been crazy too, last weekend it was so nice that my boyfriend and I went to the beach but today it’s so cold that I had to wear boots and a fuzzy cardigan. Have fun in Stockholm! xx

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