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Now that winter is slowly coming to an end, it’s time to improve our skincare and give it a much-needed boost after the holidays and cold days. Luckily, there are so many new trends that you can catch up on that will be everywhere this spring. So, if you love to take care of your beauty while being trendy, here’s what to keep your eye on.

Green beauty

green spring trend 2019Source

Just like practically all spheres of our lives, the beauty industry is having a green remodel as well. The industry is finally set on reducing the carbon footprint with new packaging and healthier formulas. For instance, Lush launched so-called ‘naked’ products that require zero packaging by making everything from shampoos to makeup in solid form.

As a matter of fact, Lush already has a few packaging-free stores and is planning many more! Similarly, other brands are also doing their parts by reducing the amount of water they use in production. Giants like L’Oréal and Unilever are cutting the water their manufacturing processes use in half. So, make sure to seek these green products next time you visit your beauty store and do something good for your skin and your planet.

The rise in facial tools

As people are investing more and more money and time in their skin, it’s not a surprise that facial tool market is on the rise. Experts all over the world are seeing an increase in demand for tools that allow people to perform easy home facials. There are various massage devices, facial steamers and rollers that are killing it on the market and there are no signs they will lose their popularity any time soon. A new facial tool is a great spring treat you mustn’t miss!

Less is more

less is more spring trend 2019Source

Spring is the season of freshness and rejuvenation, so experts predict that a more minimalist look will be where it’s at. Plus, with the sustainability trend on the rise, you might want to reduce your product usage habits. Think of it as a little beauty and skincare ‘diet’ that’s all about using a few products full of effective ingredients. So, feel free to forget about those laborious, multi-step beauty routines (at least for now). But, because you’ll be streamlining your makeup, people will be looking for other ways to highlight their attributes.

So, fake lashes might be replaced with lash boost treatments that will give you that lush look without the help of any false eyelashes. Just because a more natural look is trendy, that doesn’t mean your eyes need to look naked!

Hybrid products

With this trendy skincare diet that’s all about you reducing the number of lotions, creams and sprays on your counter, some new products are emerging. These new products have a high concentration of beneficial ingredients that allow you to use fewer other products and shorten your beauty routine.

For instance, Korea is seeing a boost in these hybrid products packed with great ingredients like green tea and various vitamins that will tone and hydrate your skin all in one! It’s a much more mindful approach to skincare. This type of beauty routine is very sustainable yet genderless and ageless and will leave your bathroom clean and clutter-free.

Health and beauty blend

health and beauty spring trend 2019Source

2018 was a year of wellness beauty campaigns and 2019 will likely continue on this path. It’s expected that the boundary between beauty and health will further blur and we’ll get something known as ‘360-degree beauty’.

This new movement will focus not only on what we put into our bodies, but also what we put on them. As consumers are getting smarter with label reading and linking inner balance with external beauty, manufacturers are becoming more transparent and better at providing health and beauty. So, this spring, you can expect to come across all sorts of beauty edibles and products that work both internally and externally.

Bold nails

nails spring trend 2019Source

While facial makeup is leaning more to the nude and natural side, nails are getting the top treatment. We saw it during New York Fashion Week and will continue to see some outlandish nail art during 2019. When it comes to eyes and lips, less is more, but when it comes to nails, more is definitely more! So, feel free to go really crazy, big, colorful and bold this spring.

Spring of 2019 will definitely be exciting beauty- and makeup-wise. All in all, expect to have a nice little break from overly complicated makeup routines and just embrace a more natural look. However, pay special attention to your skin’s health and your overall wellbeing—without it, your skin will not look anywhere ready for spring!


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