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I don’t know how it is in your country, but it’s Father’s Day in the Netherlands this Sunday. That means it’s time to get our last minute Father’s Day presents, which are often the hardest ones to get. Because what to give to the man who raised you and will (hopefully) forever be the strongest man in your life? When I ask my dad what he wants, all he says is ‘I’m happy with a kiss and a hug dear’. Every. Year. Again. Typical dads I think.. So time to surprise them!

In this wishlist I have selected my favorite presents to give to your dad, which I am sure they will like. I selected presents from different price ranges, so you can choose what to get suitable to your budget. Of course a Moccamaster coffee brewer should be on your number one, because every hard working man deserves a real good cup of coffee. But in case he just got one himself, there are many other options. Think about a new travel bag, a fun new tie, a good perfume or a bottle with his initial. Super budget-proof but a very well thought present. And if non of this is your thing, a good book will always work. What do you give your dad this Father’s Day? Let me know in the comments so you might inspire me as well!


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