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The party season is on, which means it is time for our very first Party Boutique! On the button ‘We Love’ you will find all our favorites for this party season. From the perfect sequin dress, to the perfect bag, heels or lipstick to match it with!

Trends you will see a lot are glitters, of course! But as we mentioned earlier, we do glitters next level this season. Hologram lipstick is hot, so make sure those lips shine! Also, sparkle up your eye make-up with the use of glitters. Terrible to remove – we know – but oh so funky on your evening out!

Another trend you see a lot are pre-owned items. This is also something we discussed earlier, as it is one of the most sustainable ways to get your party outfits. You can either rent it, or search online/offline in the second hand boutiques for some true jewels. The second best thing besides doing good for the world? You have something unique to wear and often for just little money ;-).

So, are you ready to shop? Than discover our Party Boutique here! We will add new pieces daily, so time to shop and get ready for the Holidays!

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Floortje van Cooten

Floortje is the founder and director of the magazine and decides what happens and what will be posted. Besides that, she still loves to write articles herself and shares her passion like she did from the beginning of Floortjeloves.

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