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To keep on wearing our favorite dresses and skirts during the cold days, men once invented tights. Lately, you have them in all shorts and shapes so let’s create a Tight Guide to find your favorite pair!

floortjeloves, tights, tights guide

A classic matte or satin tight is a real must in every wardrobe. It is a basic where is all starts with and will work with any style and any item. Shop a selection of our favorite basic tights below.floortjeloves, tights, tights guide


1. Commando – 35 denier matte black
2. Falke – 30 denier matte blue
3. Falke – 20 denier matte black
4. Falke – 20 denier matte black
5. Falke – 30 denier matte nude

floortjeloves, tights, tights guide

You can also cheer up any look with a good pair of sparkling tights! They are perfect for any party or festive season, but why not wearing it underneath a LBD for a glittery touch? Go for gold, silver or even with some diamonds..


1. H&M – gold touch
2. Max Mara – silver touch
3. Falke – 20 denier with glitter
4. Asos – metallic silver
5. Topshop – diamond touch
6. Asos – metallic gold

floortjeloves, tights, tights guide

Another way of cheering up any outfit is with a printed tights. Lately I have been wearing them a lot and I am obsessed! They elevate your look to the next level and shows that you love to play with fashion. Get inspired by the selection below to re-create one of my looks..floortjeloves, tights, tights guide


1. Asos – polka dot
2. Asos – red pattern
3. Wolford – 20 denier knit pattern
4. Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini – fish pattern
5. Asos – leopard pattern
6. H&M – floral pattern
7. Asos – lace mesh
8. Wolford – 20 denier with pattern

floortjeloves, tights, tights guide

Last but not least; the fishnet tights! Back from the 80’s and early 90’s and still hot and happening. Make every outfit a little sexier with a pair of fishnet tights and create the perfect date night outfit.


1. Asos – big black fishnets
2. Falke – round brown fishnets
3. H&M – floral fishnets
4. Wolford – classic black fishnets
5. H&M – big black fishnets
6. Asos – white fishnets


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