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Ohmy, what a day. The day starts good, WE was very nice and interesting, I learn much about the company and how it work. We couldn’t visit the design department unfortunately but I was welcome to take some pictures of the new beach wear campaign, so I did. We also made a mood board about the company, at the last pic you can see the best one, me sweet classmates made it. But here it comes, it has been snowing the hole day so I had some stomach pain about the transport back and my feeling was right.. It take 6 hours to go back home (I usually do it in a half hour), that didn’t make me happy. After all, I was 8 pm at home for dinner, I was so hungry! After a delicious lasagna that my mom make and a warm bath I felt better. Now I go to bed, so tired of all this traveling.. Gladly a free day tomorrow so time for some (snow)fun! Have a great weekend lovelies!

Sweater: Replay
Scarf: Mango
Watch: Michael Kors
Ring: Lott

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