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On your request, it is time to take you with me on a normal day and share with you what I eat in a day. From my breakfast routine to cooking my dinner; I filmed everything I eat and drink (except of the liters water ;-)). When it comes to my breakfast and lunch, I eat quite similar during the week, but for dinner I try to variate a lot with my food. From many different vegetables, to meat, fish or vegetarian. This evening I cooked something quite ‘Dutch’. The best meat for the cold weather lately! So in case you are looking for a nice Dutch recipe.. here you go! In case you are looking for more recipes as well, thank check this page to get inspired. I will try to make more recipes, so keep an eye on it ;-).

Hope you enjoyed watching my What I Eat in a Day video and get inspired by my routine! Have a lovely weekend! Xx


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Floortje van Cooten

Floortje is the founder and director of the magazine and decides what happens and what will be posted. Besides that, she still loves to write articles herself and shares her passion like she did from the beginning of Floortjeloves.

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